Parking: Please park only in marked spaces on the front, south side and rear of the building. Do not park along the rear fence. Cars parked in places other than marked spaces are subject to towing. There is a handicap compliant parking space adjacent to the entryway ramp at the rear of the building. This space must be reserved at all times for those with disabilities.

Car Wash: The car wash area is the front of the building, in the parking lot corner near the right of the parking garage. Be sure to turn off the water when finished.

Recycling: There are bins near the dumpster for plastic, newspaper, aluminum cans, and three colors of glass. Cardboard must be taken to the recycling bins at Jaycee Park off of Wade Avenue.

Trash: Regular household garbage goes in the dumpster. Please see the list on the dumpster for items that cannot be disposed of in the dumpster. Please do not leave items such as appliances, mattresses, and construction waste at the dumpster. Wake County has waste disposal sites for all of these items. Please see their website:

Ladders: If you borrow a ladder from a resident who has made one available for sharing, please be sure to return it promptly.

Rear Gate: If you use the gate for access to the Seaboard Station side of the railroad tracks, be sure to lock it after passing through. If you notice a problem with the lock, please contact a Board member immediately.

Cable TV/Telephone: Hookups for South end of building are in storage unit area, about halfway down on the right. Hookups for the North end of the building are in a room off of the parking garage. DirecTV is also available to our residents. Please contact a Board member for more information.

Pets: Curb your dog! It is each pet owner's responsibility to clean up after his or her pet. Dog waste disposal bags are located in a dispenser on the rear fence. Dog waste bags are available from Leisuremore Corp. at 888-700-6673 or Please feel free to purchase waste bags for your pet and fellow pet owners.

Grill: Be sure to clean up the grill and picnic area after using the grill.

Security: Please do not hesitate to call the police at 911 if you notice suspicious activity in the Cotton Mill or on the grounds.